Our products

Minimax products use the latest design in water softening technology. 

Browse our water softeners, taps, washing powder and salt below to find the Minimax product that’s perfect for your home or business.

Water softeners

Our water softeners are engineered in the UK to work with all different types of British plumbing systems and all household sizes.

With high flow rates, accurate displacement meters, twin-cylinder technology and no electricity needed, our water softeners are built to last.

Salt & washing powder

The benefits of our washing powder include brilliant whiteness, softer and brighter clothing, kinder to skin and is better for the environment.

Salt is necessary to keep your water softener running while supplying your household with softened water 24 hours a day.


We have a great selection of 3-way taps and faucet taps if you decide to have a drinking water line with your Minimax Water Softener.

Either as a brand new valve, or an addition to your current tap you can choose one based on your style, colour and design preferences; we have lots of options available.

Water filters

Your water softener provides your whole home with softened water. As it is connected to the mains water supply, something else worth thinking about is your drinking water preference.

You might not know what it is yet, but there are plenty of options available for you to choose from.