Cutting-edge technology, providing pure softened water.
Unrivalled in quality and efficiency.

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What is a water softener?

All Minimax Water Softeners efficiently filter out the harmful minerals in your hard water – eliminating limescale, leaving you with pure, luxuriously softened water. All this with up to a 53% reduction in household bills as a result.
  • Your carbon footprint will be reduced.
  • Your appliances will work more efficiently, saving energy.
  • Your kettles and shower-heads wont need replacing as often.
  • Reducing your plastic usage by putting less harsh chemicals down the drain.

What are the benefits?

10 year guarantee

Designed by the leading manufacturer

Made in the UK

Made from recycled plastic

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It was only installed a few days ago but has already made a huge difference. Everything that we were told about it beforehand has been true and we are extremely happy with all aspects of the water softener. We would recommend it to anyone!