Have you moved into a hard water area?

It’s maybe not something you think about when you move home, but after a few months of settling in you might start to notice spots appearing on the shower screen, your new kettle has scale gathering at the bottom and your baths just aren’t as bubbly as they used to be. If that’s the case you might have moved into a hard water area! So where in the UK are the best and worst places for water hardness quality?

Well it’s all down to the geology in your area. If your rockbed contains granite then you’re in luck and probably live in a soft water area. However, if your rockbed contains calcium or magnesium, then unfortunately you’re in a hard water area.

According to our data* here are the averages of some of the softest and hardest places in the UK.

(Ppm – parts per million)


Soft water:

Sheffield – 40ppm

Birmingham – 44ppm

Newport – 95ppm

Middlesbrough – 79ppm

Coventry – 100ppm


Hard Water Areas:

Hartlepool – 490ppm

Ipswich – 385ppm

Hull – 340ppm

Reading – 336ppm

Stevenage – 355ppm


The good news is no matter where you live you can change the hardness of your home’s water! One Minimax Water Softener will soften a whole house, it just needs to be plumbed near your home’s water mains. Find your local supplier.


*Gathered from UK water suppliers and our own hach tests