Hard water facts you need to know

So, you have been told that hard water is bad, but what really is it? And what is it doing to your home? Here we answer everything you need to know, including the most important question – how to get rid of it.  


How is hard water formed?

Hard water is formed when rainwater, which starts off as soft water, flows through rocks, such as limestone and chalk. When the water does this, it picks up minerals such as magnesium and calcium from the rocks which cause the water to become hard.

Some areas of the country have harder water than others, but there are very few places with completely soft water. Water hardness is measured in parts per million (PPM) and our expert Minimax Suppliers can test the water hardness in your area to give you the best option.  

Isometric Water cycle diagram

Why is hard water bad?

Once hard water runs through your pipes it affects everything from your boiler’s efficiency to your family’s skin. Limescale will build up, causing problems such as staining kitchens and bathrooms, damaging your appliances and increasing your energy bills, just to name a few!

Hard water leaves a scaly film on your hair and skin which cause hair breakages and itchy scalps, while your skin will be dry and irritated. Hard water can also worsen conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. To learn more about the effects of hard water and eczema click here.  

Damaged by limescale heating element of the washing machine isolated on white background

How do you get rid of the effects of hard water?

Scale remover products can be used to get rid of limescale. These products get rid of the limescale but not the cause of the problem, meaning the limescale will keep coming back. These harsh products can also take away the shine of your kitchen and bathroom causing them to look dull.

The best way to get rid of the effects is with a Minimax Water Softener – the most advanced block salt, non-electric water softener ever made. The device plugs into your mains water supply, so the benefits can be seen everywhere the water flows.

Speak to your local Minimax Supplier to find out how hard your water is and how a water softener can benefit you.