5 ways hard water is damaging your hair

Find out the effects...

Although hard water is natural, the minerals in it can play havoc with your hair. If you live in a hard water area it is likely you will be experiencing at least one of these damaging effects:

1. Dried out scalp

When washing your hair, your scalp is the first point of contact with the water. The chemicals in the shampoo and conditioner react with the minerals in hard water and bind themselves to your hair. This leaves a soapy film on your scalp which can cause irritation.


2. Hair cuticles standing up

It’s time to get sciency, but stay with us! Hard water ions have a positive charge and conditioners do too. However, hair normally has a negative charge around the cuticle edges. When the two meet they bind together and cause the cuticles to stand up. Open hair follicles cannot hold moisture and then become exposed to more damage.

healthy hair cuticles are closed vs damaged hair cuticles

3. Hair that is difficult to manage

Do you find that no matter how much conditioner and deep treatments you use, your hair still remains frizzy, damaged and unmanageable? The hard water minerals, chalk and magnesium, trap the natural oils your hair produces – preventing the oils from protecting and rejuvenating your hair.

Damaged Hair


4. Clogged up hair follicles

Hard water does not lather well with hair products. The products you use on your hair can clog the hair follicles, causing the hair to break off and in some cases, block further hair growth.  

Woman holding split ends in hand

5. Excessive amounts of shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair

Now this isn’t necessarily a problem that damages your hair, but it does do damage to your purse! Hard water doesn’t lather as well as softened water, so you will end up spending more money replacing the products more frequently.

A woman taking a shower and washing her hair


Give your hair the water it deserves – softened water! Get in touch today to find out how hard the water in your home is.