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Save up to 53% per month on your cleaning, bathing and heating costs

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Based on an average household of two people

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With hard water With soft water
Cleaning products £70.65 £16.92
Appliances (depreciation) £6.74 £0.00
Heating £44.20 £42.28
Total cost per month £121.59 £59.20

Having softened water can save you up to 53% a month on your household bills. Eliminating limescale makes your appliances last longer and keeps your boiler and pipes clean. The cost savings come from the increased efficiency, lowering your heating bills, you’ll also be using less washing powder, cleaning products, shampoo and soap.

See how you can save up to 53% a month on your household bills.

Softened water has a wide range of practical and financial benefits, it is often considered an essential money saving endeavour in hotels, laundrettes, commercial food growers, cafes, restaurants and schools. And your home can benefit too!

A premium quality water softener will typically pay for itself within 3-6 years and could last in excess of 20 years. Why not invest today in the long term health and efficiency of your home? Protect your pipes and appliances against the damaging effects of hard water.

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